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Tonight, is firework night!

And people in their thousands will go outside to enjoy explosive displays of colour and light. But did you know that you can also reduce your energy spend at the same time? Let’s look at the various methods of becoming more energy efficient during firework night.

Meter readings

Of course, we’ve all been reminded time and time again about taking meter readings, but that’s because they’re so important and the number one cause of over-spending on energy bills. Taking an actual meter reading at the end of every month could save you hundreds of pounds off your energy bill.

Solar power and LED lighting

If you’re enjoying fireworks night as a couple this year, LED lighting can showcase a beautiful, romantic setting for you both. Set the scene with solar powered/LED lights whilst you sit in the garden and enjoy the show. LED lighting has the potential to reduce your energy consumption by up to 75% compared to regular halogen bulbs, and solar powered lights can be left on to charge during the day, then automatically switch on at night.

Camp out for the night

For those of you who want to take your experience to the next level, grab your tent and create a mini camping trip in your garden! If you’re parents, your kids will love the excitement of this new experience and may even get involved with energy saving tasks. For example, switching all the lights off in the house will enhance the lights and sounds of firework night!

BBQs and roasted marshmallows

Whether you’re camping out or just spending the evening outside, providing the weather is dry, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t make your own fire, cook some sausages and roast some marshmallows! Leave all of your gas and electrical products indoors turned off and make this experience one to remember!

Keeping warm

Obviously it’s starting to get a little chilly this time of year, and of course it’s very important to keep warm. If the camp fire isn’t quite cutting it for you, you may want to invest in an energy efficient patio heater. Of course, if you can layer up in a cosy blanket to keep warm, this would be beneficial, but there are some outdoor heaters that are more efficient than your bog standard ones. Invest some time in an internet search and find an efficient heater for you.

Attend a firework night event

Finally, if you’re a fan of a big firework display, search your area and attend! If you’re not in the house, you can’t spend much on energy right? It’s important to ensure you’ve put everything in place to reduce costs whilst you’re not at home. Make sure all electronics are turned off (not on standby), lights are switched off and all windows are closed to keep that warm air in.

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