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Why should you consider a flexible energy basket for your business?

In this article we are sharing the benefits of this option and what it can bring to your company. You may not have heard of this type of energy purchasing strategy before, and it can be complex. However, we aim to highlight the ways in which your company could benefit long term.

Flexible energy procurement has changed the game for organisations since their introduction to the market, however, not all businesses have been able to benefit from them before. With companies focusing more on long-term cost savings and sustainability, being part of flexible purchasing strategy is something to consider.

If you want to dive into how they work visit our recent blog article here, which explains everything in more detail.

The benefits of Flexible Energy Baskets

Compared to Fixed energy, Flexible energy offers advantages such as a longer purchasing window of up to 24 months, protection from market spikes, and the ability to capitalise on market lows. Additionally, businesses benefit from group baskets, which offer lower supplier management fees and greater volume tolerance protection.

Moreover, with the help of flexible energy purchasing solutions for businesses like Lumina Flex, where energy volumes of customers from all shapes and sizes are grouped into a ‘basket’ maximising the value and getting better terms from suppliers rather than being restricted to businesses with large usage or multiple locations.

The innovative blend of renewable energy sources and storage solution that this basket brings, also offers you a dynamic approach to meet energy demands while conquering the challenges of grid stability.

Why should you consider it?

You get to experience unmatched expertise
You will get to have a team of experts to meticulously monitor energy markets closely using state-of-the-art systems, ensuring precise timing for your energy purchases.

You can navigate risks with confidence
Lumina Flex takes risk management seriously, evaluating and mitigating factors such as energy price fluctuations, regulatory shifts, and supply disruptions on your behalf.

You can seize more opportunities
With the extended purchase window from flexible energy baskets, this opens doors to a wealth of buying opportunities compared to more short-term strategies or a Fixed price contract where all energy is purchased in one go.

You can achieve budget certainty
Our flexible buying strategies ensure budget certainty by purchasing 100% of the energy commodity before each price period, with fixed non-commodity costs, empowering you to plan with confidence.

You are able to embrace renewable energy
Looking to integrate renewable energy sources like solar or wind power into your flexible purchasing contract? Lumina Flex offers customisable options for both green electricity and gas, enabling your business to embrace sustainability with ease.

Flexible Energy Baskets mark a significant shift in how your energy can be managed, providing a comprehensive and flexible approach to meeting the world’s increasing energy needs. By leveraging renewable energy sources and storage technologies, Flexible Energy Baskets (FEBs) offer the promise of a more resilient, dependable, and sustainable energy future.

If you’re interested in exploring your energy contract options further, feel free to reach out to Lumina Flex for expert guidance and more information.

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