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We’re back with another video from our team explaining the Top Five Energy Terms that we often get asked about by our customers.

Here’s Account Manager, Ashley Wick’s, breaking down the terms so you know what they mean and how they are used for your business energy.


Below you’ll find the breakdown of the five energy terms that Ashley has explained in his video:

1.MPAN (Meter Point Administration Number):

The MPAN is a unique 13-digit reference number used to identify the electricity meter at a specific business premises. It helps energy suppliers and distribution network operators (DNOs) track and manage energy consumption accurately.

2.MPRN (Meter Point Reference Number):

Similar to the MPAN for electricity, the MPRN is a unique reference number, but it pertains to the gas meter at a business location. It enables gas suppliers and network operators to identify and manage gas usage for that particular site.

3.DNO (Distribution Network Operator):

DNOs are responsible for managing and maintaining the electricity distribution network within specific geographic regions. They ensure that electricity is safely delivered from high-voltage transmission networks to businesses and homes. Business owners need to know their DNO as it can affect issues related to power outages, metering, and connections.

4.MOP (Meter Operator):

MOPs are responsible for installing and maintaining electricity meters, typically on behalf of energy suppliers. They ensure that meters are functioning correctly and transmit accurate consumption data to the supplier. Understanding your MOP can be important for addressing meter-related issues.

5.DCDA (Data Collector and Data Aggregator):

DCDA services are often combined and are responsible for collecting and aggregating consumption data from electricity meters. They then provide this data to energy suppliers for billing and analysis. Business owners may interact with DCDA services through their energy supplier, especially if they have interval or half-hourly metering.

These terms are essential for your businesses to understand when managing your energy accounts, as they play a role in accurate billing, metering, and maintaining a reliable energy supply.

Did you know that we can check your bills for you?

Our energy experts can check your bills and give them a health check to ensure you’re on the right contract for your business and not overpaying where you don’t need to be on things like VAT for example. Give us a call to discuss more.

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