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Looking to reduce your energy usage while the sun is shining this Summer?

Then good news because we’re sharing our tips to help you do just that!

When it comes to your business, profitability is crucial. However, sustainable growth depends on more than just maximising profits. Overlooked factors can significantly contribute to long-term savings and success. One of the simplest and most effective ways to reduce costs in any business, large or small, is through smart energy management. Mastering the tips and practical strategies for saving energy can be a game-changer in fostering your business’s growth.

Why is summer the best time for you to save up on your energy?

You know when the summer season comes because you feel the tingling sensation of the heat on your skin. Global warming is not a new topic for discussion. This has caused temperatures to reach record-breaking heights and this continues year after year. This is where you can come in with a good savings plan to make use of the natural season to your advantage.

We know that the goal for your business is to always maintain a good bottom line where cutting back on unnecessary costs is of high priority when you want to save. But you might ask, why the summer season? You think that during the summer you might already be saving energy because you wouldn’t think about the heating or how much you make use of your lights as it’s often really bright.

But actually, that is the main reason why you should look into saving during the summer season where you should familiarise yourself with helpful tips and tricks to maintain your energy bills in the same way as any other seasons.

1. Manage Office Equipment and Appliances
Let’s start with the easiest one that you could do. This is a no-brainer move but we can’t help that this keeps on getting missed at times. Turn off unused equipment. Computers, printers, and air conditioners should be switched off overnight and during the weekends to prevent the damage of the equipment and the over usage of appliances.

2. Embrace the Power of Shade
Turning on your AC isn’t always the best solution to beat the heat. You can consider closing your curtains or blinds during the sunniest times of the day to keep the heat out. Reflective window films are also quite helpful in ensuring that heat does not come in from your windows. This is a great way to keep the heat in check inside your space without exerting a lot of heavy usage appliances like air conditioners.

3. Use Natural Ventilation
In contradiction to the first one, you can also just crack a window open if the weather condition allows it. If you see that it’s nice and windy outside it would be best to keep some fresh air in and catch the breeze inside the office. You could install adjustable window coverings that allow you to both block direct sunlight and encourage airflow.

4. Upgrade to Energy-Efficient Appliances
Some might think that upgrading to a new appliance is a bit of an additional expense but in reality, is very beneficial in the long run when you get newer and more efficient models. High-usage appliances like fans, air, conditioners, and refrigerators are essential in the summer. Another thing here is being able to use good lighting like switching to LED bulbs that produce less heat and consume less electricity. There are even motion sensor lights that you can use in certain rooms that can be lighted only when needed. They might be a bit costly upfront but do a lot of savings overtime when you review your energy bill.

5. Optimise Air Conditioning (AC) Systems
Air conditioning is one of the many heavy usage applications that you might have with you that is surely going to be popular to use in the warm season but here are some of the things that you should know to be able to control the amount of bills that are about to pile up if you don’t manage this properly.

First is that you should see the temperatures wisely. For this to work, you should adjust the thermostat to a higher temperature. Otherwise, you can also opt for the programmable thermostat and schedule AC to operate at higher temperatures during business hours. Another thing is that you should maintain it regularly to ensure its efficiency.

6. Improve Building Insulation and Sealing
Your appliances and machines aren’t the only ones needing a good maintenance check. Go and check your building for insulation and sealing that need attention. Seal leaks in your doors, windows, and walls for air leaks. Make sure you also add insulation in attics and around pipes, to maintain indoor temperatures efficiently. Don’t let precious cool air escape!

7. Utilise Renewable Energy Sources
It can be scorching hot at times and what better way to get back at this excess energy than to use it for something more useful – solar energy. The use of solar panels is nothing new to the market. Use solar panels and generate clean energy to be able to reduce dependency on the grid during the peak hours when the sun is up and shining.

With you using solar for all your heavy-duty appliances during the day and maybe even investing in a battery to store more energy to use at night you are surely going to become independent from the inflating prices of electricity. With this mind-blowing technological advancement, you are sure to see success in terms of saving up long-term.

8. Set up a maintenance schedule
Well-maintained equipment is more efficient and lasts longer. Keep equipment away from obstructions and clean fans and filters regularly to prevent overheating. It’s always good to make sure that all of your machines and appliances are in good working condition so you can keep using them longer and save more money rather than buying a new one again.

9. Get planting
Plant trees outside your office. Leafy trees offer a few benefits when it comes to the work environment. One, the colour green is very relaxing and it gets the mood right for the room. They also offer shade in summer and good and clean air.

10. Monitor and Track Energy Usage
Lastly, to delve deeper into maximising your savings, consider scheduling energy audits every few months. These audits help pinpoint areas for improvement and track energy usage patterns. By identifying sources of energy waste and recommending enhancements, you can increase efficiency and reduce consumption. If your energy provider doesn’t offer audits, independent auditors can perform them, or you can conduct one yourself to save costs.

Additionally, alongside energy auditors, there are energy consultants like us, at Lumina Energy who specialise in simplifying the management of your business’s energy needs, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

By following a few straightforward strategies, you can decrease your energy consumption, cut down on utility costs, and contribute to preserving the planet. So relax and enjoy the summer days, knowing you’re saving both energy and money while enjoying the sunshine!

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