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The business world is always changing and when you launch a new venture you can never be quite sure how it’s going to go so, we’re thrilled to be celebrating 10 years in business and 10 years in the energy industry.

When we began in August 2012, we knew we wanted to help small and medium sized businesses with their energy contracts enabling them to have the best prices available with a contract that worked for their business needs.

Over the last 10 years we have evolved and now we are offering more services to help our business customers not only procure the best energy contracts but also ways to manage their energy more efficiently and how to reduce their carbon footprint by understanding their usage.

We wanted to celebrate this 10-year journey by sharing some of our many highlights over the years and reflecting on the journey that has got us to where we are today.


Lumina Energy launches to the world!
We began our journey with a team of three members and working with eight suppliers. Our very first sale was made by our now Assistant Director of Sales & Service, Eamon Grimes to British Gas in the Nov.


We had a fantastic first year as we reached over 1000 meter contracts procured working with businesses across Kent and the Southeast.


This was a very busy year for us as we saw our tiny team grow massively welcoming over 5 new members and our presence in Kent growing.


Fast forward in time a little and we have a team of 12 energy consultants and our Marketing Team worked hard on giving our website a brand-new look. This great work was then submitted for the Kent Digital Awards where we celebrated winning not one, but two awards (Gold and the Champion Award) for our website in the Best Business to Business category. We also experienced a record year helping with over 5000 meters.


This was the year that saw us break into a new area – Water and we helped our first ever water customer with their supplier and contract. This year also saw another award nomination for the Sales Team of the Year Award at the Energy Live News Awards.


Customer growth was huge for us in 2019 as we hit our 10,000th meter contract procured and our 100th contract for water. The team expanded once again but we didn’t anticipate what was around the corner…

2020 & 2021

In March 2020 we were suddenly in lockdown and working from home in the throes of a global pandemic caused by the coronavirus, Covid-19. As many businesses experienced across the UK, we suddenly had to work out a new way of working, make changes and live in the uncertainty of what was going to happen from a business point of view but also personally as well. It was a tough time for us all.

As we went through the cycle of lockdowns, we still maintained relationships with our customers and revitalised our team structure recruiting our Sales Team Leaders and promotions for some existing team members. We also hit our 15,000th meter contract procured – a fantastic achievement and one we are very grateful for during the difficult time.


The energy market was the most volatile it’s been for various factors, and this made for a challenging year. Lots of our customers were still struggling following the pandemic and now energy prices were higher than ever before. Our goal for 2022 was to help our customer the best way we could, and it helped us to diversify our offerings to the three services you see to date – procurement, energy management and carbon reduction.

This year also saw the launch of our new logo as we celebrate this 10-year milestone. However, that wasn’t all as we needed a website update to reflect where we are at aged 10 and our new offerings, so in November we launched our new look website too.

As of December 2022, we are a registered TPI (Third Part Intermediaries) with the Energy Ombudsman Service’s ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) Scheme. The scheme provides a platform to resolve disputes between energy suppliers/brokers and their customers and has incorporated new regulations to protect customers following OFGEM’s Microbusiness Strategic Review.

As we ended 2022, Lumina Energy now has 17 Energy Consultants helping a variety of businesses across Kent, the Southeast and beyond as well as working with over 20 suppliers.

What's Next?

We’re looking forward to 2023 and increasing our presence even more in Kent at the Business Vision Live Event in May –you can register to attend here. We’re also excited to help business with their carbon reduction through our bespoke report and introduce Broadband and Telecoms.

It’s going to be an exciting year.

Thank you to every customer and every staff member for the years of support. We couldn’t have done this without you.

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